Sunday, June 17, 2007

Crouching Tiger..

Yes, Hamilton indeed is a superb driver. No doubt about it and it ain't just luck. As a Ferrari fan, it hurt inside when knowing the best rookie is in the rival camp but in positive side, thank God that it is not Alonso who win the race. I've been over bored with the exaggerate prediction of a rookie before. What had happened to Montoya? J. Button? But this one is promising. Some might say he had a better car but what a better comparison can we make when he is using the same car if not setting, as the World Champs. And now come a rumour about Hamilton having a full support from the U.K based team instead of the big head Spaniard as driver no.1.(And obviously this rumour come from Alonso's Camp). There is no better way to humiliate the Spaniard if not from loosing to his rookie teammate. Who cares anyway? Come on J.Todt!! Wake up! Michelle Yeoh, stop hypnotizing the old chubby lad.

siberian frog
This is Alonso in his private chamber after the race..really? (Siberian Frog actually..)

The Red Devils
Just red..blooming in glory..